KAM-policy - Quality, Health & Safety and Environment

The management of Begra BV considers it as its duty to achieve all its activities, products and services with a well trained staff, the most appropriate materials, tools and resources in order to meet the established and obvious requirements and client needs.

The policy is focused on the participation of every employee in the labor force in the most healthy and safe way, the general welfare of the employees and promoting the environment as little as possible harm. This implies also the concern for the health and safety of others.

kwaliteit, arbo en milieu

The company meets the requirements of product, ‘health & safety’ and environmental laws and regulations, and goes beyond the minimal requirements. The company has an improvement plan and sets targets in which the KAM-aspects and consequences are managed.

The management is fully aware that this is not only in the interest of the employee and employer, but also of the customers and clients. The above objectives will lead to a more efficient organization, more prevention of physical and environmental damage, less personal injuries and a reduction in costs.

Recruiting, training and educating our employees and purchases of high and reliable third party products must ensure that the quality of products and services is guaranteed and improved.

On the one hand, the management will launch initiatives to increase / improve quality, safety, health and the prevention of environmental pollution. On the other hand, the management will rely on the cooperation of all employees. This is a continuous process.

Of all employees, both in line and in staff function - as defined in the organizational chart, job descriptions and in the QHSE manual -  are required to the objectives of the management co endorse. Member of staff is expected that he / she / it performs work in accordance with the KAM rules of the company. Besides this, everyone is expected to report it when other colleagues work in an unsafe, unhealthy way. In order to achieve this a special KAM-appointed officer is appointed.

Through customer satisfaction research and measurements, the company also tries to continuously increase the clients and customer satisfaction.

The management assesses the quality, health, safety and environmental policies and objectives during the annual management review.

For the above, a management system is set up. This system is used by external independent certification bodies, periodically checked against the current versions of the standard (s): BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001.

Edited on behalf of the management, Oss - The Netherlands 01-07-2012

Mr. J. Zwaans

Managing director